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ACC admits officiating error to O'Brien

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N.C. State has announced that football coach Tom O'Brien has been informed by ACC officiating coordinator Doug Rhoads that a key play in last week's loss to Clemson should have been ruled a fumble.

According to a note released to the media by N.C. State, Rhoads said a play in the third quarter was a fumble that would have given the ball to the Wolfpack with Clemson leading 24-14.

Officials initially ruled that Clemson running back C.J. Spiller was down and the play was dead before Clem Johnson stripped the ball away. O'Brien challenged the call, but a replay review upheld it.

N.C. State's note to the media said Rhoads told O'Brien that the call should have been overturned and ruled a fumble. 




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There are some pretty lousy fans commenting here. Anyways, the call was obviously wrong and even the whole procedure was flawed...I posted a long comment about it in the game summary thread. Of course it's too late for anything to come of it, and many fans would rather just move on, but things like this do need to come out because officials need to be held accountable for their work.

Do it for the fans' sake

I was there, and I could tell it was a totally bogus call when they showed the replay on the big screen.

Everyone seems to be in consensus that State would not have won anyway, but that's hardly the point. I can say that for me at least, I pretty much stopped caring about the game at that point, because in my mind it didn't even count anymore. It was hard to find the energy to cheer when we made a play. And I think the other fans felt it as well since most of them starting leaving soon after halftime. The whole game was a disaster, and just depressing.

If you're not going to make the call for the team's sake, do it for the fans. That way we have something to be excited about and maybe we'll want to keep coming to games. Our team sucks bad enough already, we don't need the officials to help us in that department.

For those that want to see it:

alert! alert!

JIWS sighting!

The ACC doesn't want BC in the championship

Seems the ACC doesn't want the fiasco that is BC in the championship game again. They are doing whatever it takes to ensure Clempson gets in there and buys a bunch of tickets unlike BC who sends a couple dozen fans to games.


you are being a little too dramatic, my state friend.  first of all, this is an isolated situation for Clemson.  they HAVE NOT been involved in these kind of plays like Fla and Bama have most of the season.

Me neither

I don't want 'em in the ACC at all.

Clear and convincing?

For an appeal to be successful there has to be clear and convincing proof that the call on the field was wrong. I saw the play and the replay was not clear and convincing. Whoever from the ACC made this decision must have reviewed the play over and over with a split screen to determine the ball was out for an infinitisimal amount of time before Spiller's knee hit the ground. Releasing this as a statement is just an excuse for losing the game. I've been a NC State fan for years but this sounds like Jimmy Johnson crying when he was at Miami. No cry babys needed.

No offense, Johnlawret but

No offense, Johnlawret but were you really watching the game?  Did you have it muted? Not only did the wonderful Raycom broadcasters declare that Spiller clearly fumbled but also you could hear the crowd erupt when the replay was shown on the jumbotron.  I had the luxury of seeing the play live and then watching the replay via DVR.  The fumble was obvious, even Spiller knew it seeing as he raced to get his team to the LOS to run another play before the booth could review and overturn the play.  In addition, the officials struggled to even see Tom O screaming for a time out.  Fact is, incompetent officiating screwed the Pack for the second time this season (1st was the flagrant facemask during the USC game which negated the go ahead TD.  Tom O was issued an apology then too.). To say that it's merely an excuse for losing doesn't work.  State would have regained possession with momentum on their side with an opportunity to cut Clemson's lead to 7 or 3 or maybe Russell would have thrown a pick.  The reason replay was implemented was to prevent botched calls on the field, not to uphold blatant officiating malpractice.

Too late now.

It is beyond my comprehension how that call doesn't get overturned. As YAR8pack said, State probably would have lost anyway, but at least they had a chance to make the game more competitive. Talk about a momentum changer! Once Clemson scored after the call, there was absolutely no chance of any comeback.

Even wierder was the calling off of the play Clemson ran prior to the review. I can honestly say I have never seen that happen before, at the college or pro level. Could it be that the refs on the field shouldn't have given a do-over and the review was not overturned to right that mistake? Who knows.

I agree.....what good does

I agree.....what good does it do bringing it up now. The only thing that could possibly come of this would be that the replay officials will start paying a little closer attention to what they are looking at on the monitor. DOUBT IT!!!!!

Everybody new that that play

Everybody new that that play was ruled incorrectly. Especially CJ Spiller, who was calling for Clemson to hurry up and snap the next play. In the grand scheme of things, it certainly would have made not much difference in the final outcome. Everyone knew it should have been reversed. The question is, what good does it do or for what purpose does NCSU issue a media release?

Good Year for Refs

To be honest this has to be the worst year for the Refs. They have gone above and be on this year with changing the out come of several games. I'm thinking mostly in the SEC. You know the funny thing is the instant reply. Remember how bad everyone wanted it. Now having it hasn't been all it's cracked up to be. Here's a question for you. How does that person miss a call when they have it on tape right there in front of them? I'm think it shouldn't have changed. It is what it is, and now we have to live with it...


you are going to hear (cause we can't see in the room) that ALL MAJOR CONFERENCES are going to Hi-Def replay next season.  you can bank on that. 

that settles it...

give the win to the wuffies...they have been cheated!


Thanks for officially confirming how you f'ed us, ACC refs. Of course no one can intelligently say State would have won had that call gone their way. However, the game definitely would've played out differently had the OBVIOUSLY CORRECT call been made.

Anyone else think the ACC is protecting Clemson so the make it to Tampa, so the ACC can sell enough tickets? I say this half joking, half serious.

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